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Cross Cultural Training

Your assignment in Spain may be for one year or ten – however long it is, you you will settle in more quickly and feel more at home,  if you know something about the country, its history, geography and people.


Taking part in Madrid Relocation’s Cross Cultural Training Programme is an essential part of this learning process and an effective way to invest in your future in your new home. Lack of cross cultural awareness can have a negative impact at many different levels, both at work and at home, from a simple misunderstanding to more serious consequences arising from badly managed expectation. 


The programme can be tailored to your individual requirements – the sessions can be business or family oriented – or both. It can be at the office or at home and will usually last for one or two days depending on your needs and wishes.


Programme organisation:


  • A detailed analysis of your immediate and future needs and your recent experiences enable our programme to be tailored to your specific requirements. We can be flexible.  

  • The programme is designed to be of interest both to the company employee and to the spouse.




  • To provide vital information about living and working in the country.

  • To provide background information about Spain

  • To increase the cultural awareness of the participants


Details of areas that may be covered


Background to Spain

  • History

  • Geography

  • The history and role of the monarchy

  • Politics today

  • Foreign policy and the importance of Spain in Europe

  • The role of religion

  • Social issues

  • The role of the media


Living in Spain

  • Family life

  • Values

  • Education

  • Leisure and sport

  • The mañana syndrome

  • Practicalities


Working in Spain

  • The structure of this section will depend on a number of factors relating to the participant’s profession.  


The programmes and services listed here are those most frequently requested, but they are often modified and custom tailored to suit the unique requirements of both the company responsible for the relocation and the executive and the accompanying family.