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Dual Career Programme

Lack of career options for the relocating partner can be one of the principal barriers to a successful relocation. “The trailing spouse” is the term used to define the spouse or partner of a working expatriate who follows them on their assignment in a new country. The term  embodies the loss of personal identity and the gain of complete dependence on the working partner. But an expat assignment will add to your life experiences and open your mind to embracing the new and the unknown. The power is in your hands to make a success of it. 


We can provide accurate information about work permits, we evaluate the partner's options in advance of the assignment and ensure that an experienced international career consultant is available. It is essential to look at all the options, including volunteer services and further education, especially distance learning. The programme includes the following services:


  • assistance with the creation of a professional and social network.

  • restructuring / translation of CV / Resumé.

  • creation / translation of letters of application / covering letters.

  • Information on newspapers, magazines, internet sites etc. where suitable vacancies may be found.

  • forwarding of application to head-hunters, recruitment agencies, selection agencies etc.

  • provision of lists of relevant international companies.

  • presentation of profile in accordance with local practice.

  • liaison with Human Resources Departments.

  • suggestions for the interview – Do´s and Don´ts for Spain today.

  • alternatives to employment – enhancing career skills.


The programmes and services listed here are those most frequently requested, but they are often modified and custom tailored to suit the unique requirements of both the company responsible for the relocation and the executive and the accompanying family.