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Home Search

Using all the data that you provide we analyse your needs, identify properties that match your specifications and budget and establish a shortlist. Finding a suitable home is a top priority – our Home Search programme can take the stress out of this by:


  • planning a home-finding schedule and organising appointments with real estate agents and landlords.

  • accompanying the international assignee on all viewing appointments.

  • evaluating the properties to identify the right neighbourhood and house (depending on family needs, access to city, distance to schools, etc.).

  • giving advice on market prices.

  • negotiating the rental price and conditions on behalf of assignee and his company.

  • providing legal advice on rental contracts (getting the right clauses in the right contract).

  • checking and translating the rental contract.

  • dealing with registration of telephone and other telecommunications.

  • contracting electricity, water, gas and other domestic utilities.

  • providing contacts with electricians, gardeners, craftsmen, etc. for any work required before the property move-in.

  • providing quality rental furniture (a cost-effective alternative to a hotel while waiting for your own household goods to arrive).

  • coordinating shipment of personal belongings to and from anywhere in the world (providing contacts for international removal companies, etc.).

The programmes and services listed here are those most frequently requested, but they are often modified and custom tailored to suit the unique requirements of both the company responsible for the relocation and the executive and the accompanying family.