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Relocation is a process that involves both the employee and the employer. Our objective it to help the relocating employee to become effective as soon as possible – this can not happen if he / she is involved in the complicated process of setting up a new home for himself / herself and his / her family. We have the experience and the expertise to help both:


The employee


  • providing friendly, face-to-face counselling

  • eliminating all the practical worries

  • offering a support system that makes the new location feel like home


The employer


  • allowing staff to concentrate on their professional activities as soon as possible

  • eliminating concern about the family

  • saving time and money. A relocating expatriate is an expensive investment - leaving him / her to deal with new job responsibilities as well as a new environment, family concerns and practical problems, is a false economy.     


Few organisations move enough expatriates to justify retaining trained relocation personnel in-house, we therefore see our services as invaluable to the human resource team for the duration of the relocation process.

Our Services

Arrival Assistance &

City Orientation 


Home search 


School Assistance


On-Going Support Programme


Administrative Assistance  


Office Premises


Departure Assistance


Dual Career Programme


Property Management


Cross Cultural Training                                                                       


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