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Property Management

As part of their international personnel resources management, our corporate clients may relocate personnel from Spain to other countries. If the assignment is not permanent and the staff member is a house-owner, he or she may wish to retain their property in anticipation of their return to Spain. We have considerable experience in managing such properties, whether furnished, empty, or rented to third parties.  


Our services include:


  • Listing our services and fees in an agreed contract

  • Drawing up a rental contract

  • Drawing up an inventory (with accompanying photos) and a report on the precise condition of the property

  • Informing you of your rights and obligations as a landlord

  • Assistance with preparation of the property for tenants

  • Advertising the property

  • Dealing with estate agents

  • Vetting possible tenants

  • Dealing with deposits and guarantees

  • Being present at contract signature

  • Changing payment details for utilities

  • Liaising between owners and tenants during the rental period

  • Dealing with essential repairs etc. during the rental period

  • Careful checking of the property, on departure of tenants, against the initial report and inventory

  • Monitoring the return of the damage deposit / guarantee and withholding funds for damage

  • Reading meters and dealing with outstanding utility bills

The programmes and services listed here are those most frequently requested, but they are often modified and custom tailored to suit the unique requirements of both the company responsible for the relocation and the executive and the accompanying family.