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Relocation Packages
All of our services may be contracted on an individual basis and may also be tailored to the specific requirements of individual clients, but experience has shown us that both the HR department and the client often prefer to work within a set number of hours, controlling cost and offering greater flexibility. The client has complete freedom to decide how the hours are used.
  • The Complete Relocation Programmes offer a total of 50 or 65 hours assistance and includes Welcome Assistance and City Orientation and House and School Search. Remaining hours can be used in accordance with the client’s priorities. Please note that the 50 hour programme is recommended for individuals, couples or families with one child. The 65 hour programme is suitable for families with more than one child. Where there are 2 or more children, the school search may take more than the one to two days usually included in the 50 hour programme.
  • The Mini-Relocation Programme offers a total of 20 hours assistance which can be used in accordance with the client’s priorities. The programme may include City Orientation and House and / or School Search.  



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The programmes and services listed here are those most frequently requested, but they are often modified and custom tailored to suit the unique requirements of both the company responsible for the relocation and the executive and the accompanying family.